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SISP Conference 2022 – Section “Gender and Politics” – Call for papers

Section 11 – Genere e Politica (Jolly)

Managers: Pamela Pansardi (, Massimo Prearo (

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  • Panel 11.1 The Gender Gap in Academia / Chairs: Anna Bosco, Susannah Verney
  • Panel 11.2 Gender equality policies in Europe between bureaucratization and contestation / Chairs: Alessia Donà
  • Panel 11.3 Gender, social movements, and political mobilization / Chairs: Anna Lavizzari
  • Panel 11.4 Unpacking LGBT+ politics through the prism of political science / Chairs: Massimo Prearo, Koen Slootmaeckers
  • Panel 11.5 Gender Dynamics of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda / Chairs: Alexandra Budabin, Costanza Nardocci
  • Panel 11.7 Gender and representation / Chairs: Pamela Pansardi, Licia Claudia Papavero
  • Roundtable: Gender, Italian Political Science and the State of the Profession / Chairs: Pamela Pansardi, Massimo Prearo
  • Panel 11.9 Gender and Party Politics / Chairs: Pamela Pansardi, Marta Regalia
  • Panel 11.10 Neoliberalising feminism, feminising neolineralism / Chairs: Noemi Ciarniello
  • Panel 11.11 Gender and leadership. Researching the contexts and impacts of inclusive leadership / Chairs: Francesca Feo, Costanza Hermanin
  • Panel 11.12 Gender policies and politics in the post-pandemic recovery in the EU / Chairs: Matilde Ceron