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About us

Gender and politics is one of the expanding fields of contemporary political science research. From political theory to comparative politics, from international relations to political communication, all subdisciplines of political science are increasingly engaging with gendered aspects of political phenomena. The field emerged from advances in feminist theory and the study of women’s participation in social movements and institutions. As a subfield of political science, gender and politics gained momentum in the early 1980s, with the publication of seminal contributions that addressed, among others, women’s political participation in institutional politics and the gendered effects of public policies. Since then, the study of gender, sexuality and intersectionality in politics, political institutions and other areas of public life has become a core part of international research in political science, albeit less so in Italy. Research on gender and politics draws on a rich variety of theoretical, epistemological and methodological approaches.
The Standing Group’s topics of interest include, among others:

– Gender and political representation;
– Gender, parties and elections;
– Gender and public policies;
– Gender and social movements;
– Gender and political communication;
– Gender and local governments;
– Gender and international relations;
– Gender and European studies;
– Gender and sexuality politics;
– Intersectional approaches to the study of politics and public policies;
– Epistemological and methodological debates relating to gender and political analysis.

The Standing Group also promotes dialogue with scholars from adjacent disciplines – such as political philosophy, sociology, law, or economics – to foster interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches to the topics of interest


The Standing Group on Gender and Politics of the Italian Political Science Association aims to:  a) promote the study of gender and politics within the Italian political science community and  the recognition of gender studies as an independent field; b) foster scholarly exchanges between Italian and international scholars working in this field of research; c) provide a supporting structure and mentoring opportunities for young scholars who choose to specialize in this field; d) engage in activities that promotes the principles of gender and sexual equality within the life of the Italian Political Science Association (SISP) and for a wider public.
To this end, the Standing Group carries on the following activities: a) the circulation of information among members on existing resources (bibliographies; syllabi; publications; etc.) through periodical newsletters and the creation of a website; b) the organisation of seminars, workshops, and conferences, as well as panels at SISP’s annual conference; c) the collaboration and involvement of members of the Standing Group in collective research efforts; d) the promotion of our Standing Group with international counterparts (in particular the ECPR Standing Group on Gender and Politics and IPSA’s Committee on Gender Politics and Policies).


The Standing Group consists of the members, a steering committee and two coordinators. The Standing Group meets officially in an assembly once a year, during the annual conference of the Italian Political Science Association. Other meetings may be called by the group coordinators during the year, and held electronically to allow all members to participate. The Steering Committee, which includes the coordinators, is renewed every three years by a simple majority vote of the members during the official assembly of the SG.