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The Italian Standing Group on International Relations (SGRI) fosters research and courses on international politics – in its transnational, regional and global dimension – and on foreign policy.
SGRI aims to facilitate cooperation in the writing of research projects by networking and stimulating synergies among scholars working on international politics, to advance knowledge on the subject and to promote awareness of the contribution that this perspective can provide.
SGRI promotes the organization of a section within the SISP annual conference, which is complemented by an annual conference and a periodic newsletter for its members. Moreover, SGRI supports and sponsors additional activities (seminars, workshops, etc.) spread throughout the territory on international policy issues.
SGRI was insitituted in 2004 by Luigi Bonanate, Umberto Gori, Fulvio Attinà, Luciano Bardi and Filippo Andreatta. It has been chaired by Umberto Gori and Filippo Andreatta (2004-2008), by Umberto Gori and Alessandro Colombo (2008-2013), by Fulvio Attinà and Vittorio Emanuele Parsi (2013-2018), by Vittorio Emanuele Parsi and Carla Monteleone (2018-2020), by Carla Monteleone and Emidio Diodato (2020-2022). From 2020, Emidio Diodato and Sonia Lucarelli coordinate its activities.

International Studies PhD Workshop

The Standing Group of International Relations (SGRI) of the Italian Political Science Association, with the support of the European Consortium on Political Research (ECPR), has organised an International Studies PhD…