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3rd Workshop on Political Science Methods: “Between Explanation and Prediction”. 2023 University of Genova

The “Metodi della Ricerca per la Scienza Politica” (MetRiSP) standing group will hold its pre-SISP applied methods workshop in September 12 (afternoon) and 13 (full day) 2023. The title of the workshop is:Between explanation and prediction.”

The workshop will gather applied researchers from multiple universities, including Milan, Rome, Turin, Essex, Oxford, Lucerne. The speakers will address the problems and challenges arising from the increasing availability of computational/machine-learning tools, and the possibilities of integrating such tools in theory-rich political science perspectives.

The call for the workshop is now open. Scholars at all stages, including PhD students, will be given opportunities to discuss their research projects and network with the speakers and other MetRiSP members. Some slots of the workshop will be reserved for the presentation and discussion of Ph.D. research projects selected by the admission panel.

 The Workshop invites contributions in all areas of applied research, but will favor especially papers/registration plans that engage with any of the 3 questions:

   (1) When are political science theories and models capable of accurate predictions? 

  (2) What are the roots and implications of the trade-off between predictive accuracy and theoretical interpretability of political science theories/models? 

  (3) What are the best research design that strikes a balance between predictive accuracy and theoretical interpretability? 

Thanks to generous contributions from the ECPR/Standing Group in Political Methodology and SISP, MetRiSP is offering a bid for grants to support travel expenses — up to €500 for young researchers, up to €250 otherwise. The application is competitive.

To submit an application to the workshop and the travel grant, fill this form by March 31, 2023: