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About us

The MetRiSP Standing Group is home to the method exchanges within the members of the Italian Society of Political Science and across the disciplines sharing the interest in the study of political phenomena. It provides a permanent plural forum for discussing political research techniques and methods.

The MetRiSP Standing Group was founded to bridge traditions, circulate methodological innovations, and foster the considered application of research techniques to study political phenomena. It encourages conversations on concepts, mechanisms, and gauges; on the diversity of standards and their underlying motivations; on the interplay of research questions, models, and designs. It offers direct and indirect support to scientific, professional, training, and public initiatives on political studies methods, by
● Circulating information on current and future initiatives to members and affiliates;
● Ensuring panel proposals for the Method Section within the SISP annual conference;
● Facilitating or organizing summer schools, seminars, workshops, roundtables, crash courses, public engagement events;
● Promoting the linkages with twin Standing Groups in European and international conferences of Political Science;
● Enabling cooperation on methodological research and teaching;
● Contributing to the definition of Open Science standards and practices for political studies.

In addition to the provisions of the Standing Group Regulation, the MetRiSP charter establishes that
● The Steering Committee includes six positions, including the Chair.
● Prior to the elections of the new Steering Committee, the standing Steering Committee issues the call with the number of open positions.