CfP_PaCo – “COVID-19 and the structural crisis of liberal democracies”

“COVID-19 and the structural crisis of liberal democracies. Determinants and consequences of the governance of pandemic”

Guest Editors:
Luca Alteri, Sapienza Università di Roma; Istituto di Studi Politici “S. Pio V”
Louisa Parks, Università di Trento
Luca Raffini, Università di Genova
Tommaso Vitale, Sciences Po, CEE

The call for papers aims to provide a space for exploratory analysis of a current case in order to highlight its connections with wider aspects. Papers are sought for two main sections: the governance of the Covid-19 pandemic, and political scenarios after the pandemic.

Governance of the Covid-19 pandemic. We invite reflections on:
○      the determinants and the political consequences of the governance of the pandemic that critically explore how the pandemic highlights the structural limits and contradictions of liberal democracies and capitalism;
○      the relations between economic rights and political and social rights, and between individual freedom, collective goods and justice, and security (these are particularly welcome);
○      the differences and similarities in the strategies of left-wing, right-wing, ‘anti-establishment’ and populist coalitions;
○      individual and collective reactions to the governance of the pandemic in terms of demands, conflict, social and political mobilization.

Political scenarios after the pandemic. We invite:
○      robust social scientific works that draw on theory to address past dynamics and lay out tentative future scenarios (general ethical warnings or political predictions should be avoided);
○      reflections on how Covid-19 will influence politics at various levels (supranational, international, national, and local);
○      the possible return to interventionism in economic regulation versus the fate of social-democratic projects;
○      the forecasting of conflicts between nation-states, populism and nationalism, and their links with new institutional disconnections and connections between politics and the economy;
○      the expansion or shrinking of ‘authoritarian democracy’;
○      the future of active social solidarity, participation and collective engagement;
○      emerging modes of measuring and discussing (the consequences of) the privatization and marketization of welfare, as well as for the aggregation and mediation of demands for security and protection.

Publication Schedule:

●       Submission of long abstracts: 30 September 2020
●       Submission of full articles: 30 November 2020
●       External peer-reviewed feedback: 15 January 2021
●       Submission of revised papers: 15 February 2021
●       Publication of the special issue: March 2021

*Articles should be no longer than 10000 words, including notes and references. Long abstracts (800-1000 words) must be sufficiently detailed to allow the editorial board to assess them.

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