CfP_PaCo – “Revolution and counterrevolution in the Middle East and North Africa”

PARTECIPAZIONE E CONFLITTO – Special Issue 14(2):2021
“Revolution and counterrevolution in the Middle East and North Africa”

Guest Editors:
Paola Rivetti, Dublin City University – Ireland
Francesco Cavatorta, Université Laval – Canada


By moving the analytical gaze away from the perceived centre of contentious politics (social movements in Europe), this special issue seeks country-focused as well as comparative contributions on the following topics, among others, analyzed at the macro, meso and micro-level:

      • The intersection between geopolitics and social movements in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region;
      • Protests and regionalism: is there a specificity to MENA mobilisations?
      • Protests and neoliberalism: how do neoliberal economy and governmentality penetrate critical social movements? How do social movements/activists/organisers subvert neoliberal mentality?
      • The radicalization of the protests: while in the 1990s and 2000s electoral politics represented a clear option for many opposition and dissenting movements, today the slogans resonating from Cairo to Tehran call for a dismissal of a whole political class and elite. How can we explain this?
      • Historical parallels useful to understand the contemporary phase of revolutionary/contentious politics in the region;
      • Mobilization strategies and resources; protest’s social and economic composition; protesters’ demands and their evolution;
      • The ideological sources and the future perspectives: reforms or system change?
      • Transnational protest resources and activists’ learning process: what networks have enabled the circulation of revolutionary ideas and practices across the borders?
      • The future of the nation state and capitalism in the region: can the nation state and capitalism be reformed to meet the demands of the protesters?
      • The role of emotions in igniting/defusing mobilizations;
      • The role of pre-existing solidarity networks (kinship, families, neighborhoods, etc);
      • Environmental struggles and the role of mobilizations confronting extractive industries;
      • The role of feminist identities in mobilizations;
      • Protests, space and the urban/rural divide;
      • Protests and the arts.

Publication Schedule:

    • Submission of long abstracts: 1 April 2020
    • Submission of full articles: August 2020
    • Internal feedback: October 2020
    • Resubmission: December 2020
    • External peer reviewed feedback: March 2021
    • Submission of revised papers: May 2021
    • Publication of the special issue: July 2021

*Articles should be no longer than 8,000 words, including notes and references. A maximum of 10 articles will be published.

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