CfP_PaCo – “The value of the city. Rent extraction, housing and conflicts for the use of urban space”

The value of the city. Rent extraction, housing and conflicts for the use of urban space”.

Guest Editors:
Sonia Arbaci, University College London
Massimo Bricocoli, Politecnico di Milano
Angelo Salento, Università del Salento
Giovanni Semi, Università di Torino

This special issue aims to give an account of this new awareness and therefore to address the issue not only in terms of the analysis of the housing situation and the crisis of social housing policies. The relation between drivers, conflicts, resistance and the regulation of the real estate market as a political process is a key theme on which we aim to collect contributions and specifically on:

– conflicts over the use of urban space, the perspectives of movements for the right to housing, political criticisms of rent dynamics and proposals for regulation;

– the processes of rent extraction that underlie displacement, homelessness and the marginalisation of housing conditions;

– the role of planning in the face of urban conflicts, and of the city as a competitive player;

– conflicts and resistances over the financialization of the real estate sector;

– the role of gentrification, turistification and platformization of short rental market (so-called ‘airification’) in the conflicts over urban space;

–  innovative urban policies and regulations tackling rent-seeking (considering their political bases, their achievements, their limits and failures);

– social innovation in the housing sector and rent extraction dynamics.


Articles, written in English, should be submitted to the editors according to the following schedule:
● Submission of long abstracts: 30 September 2020
● Submission of full articles: 30 November 2020
● External peer-reviewed feedback: 15 January 2021
● Submission of revised papers: 15 February 2021
● Publication of the special issue: March 2021
*Articles should be no longer than 10,000 words, including notes and references. A maximum of 10 articles will be published.

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