GoingDigital!_PNL1:”The politicization of gender in populist times”

2nd of September 2020, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. (GMT +2)
Panel Chairs: Emiliana de Blasio, Francesca Feo, Manuela Caiani
Link to the virtual room: meet.google.com/jfv-ymrp-kdq
[PDF of the programe here]


The re-emergence of populisms and in particular those linked to the radical right has determined the revival of a conservative agenda on gender issues, whose major traits consist of sponsoring patriarchal social relations and heteronormativity through masculinist tropes, maternalist and pro-family policies. The populist radical right is strongly engaged in a struggle against “liberal” values, whose feminism is targeted as a symbol; at the same time, it seems establishing a connection with the neo-liberal values in economics and work organisation. The conservative backlash has highlighted all the contradictions present both in the complex relationship between feminism and left-wing political parties and social movements, and in the positions articulated by neoliberal feminism. The development of what has been called “common sense neoliberalism” played a role in anesthetizing the issues related to the gender dimension. At the same time, populist radical right parties are not considered anymore as men’s parties, as they experienced a rise of prominent female activists and leaders. The raise in participation may seem
contradictory. If traditional explanation depicts women as passive followers of far-right politics, little is known about the factors that lead women to engage with these political actors. Against this theoretical background, this panel problematizes the complex relationships between gender, populisms and ‘neoliberal ideology’, looking at various empirical cases, regions and actors.

H: 10 – 10.30
Katinka Linnamäki (University of Helsinki), The Covid-19 masculinity in Hungary
Discussant: Emiliana de Blasio (LUISS Guido Carli)

H: 10.30 – 11
Justyna Kajta (University of Wroclaw), Calling for conservative wave of emancipation? Female discourses in Polish radical nationalist movement
Discussant: Manuela Caiani (SNS)

H: 11 – 11.30
Eszter Kováts (University ELTE Budapest & Humboldt University Berlin), Only I! know my gender – Individualist approaches to gender and the right-wing opposition
Discussant: Francesca Feo (SNS)

H: 11.30 – 12
Petra Guasti (Goethe University) and Lenka Buštíková (Arizona State University), Macho Martyrs: Backlash against Gender equality in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
Discussant: Emiliana de Blasio (LUISS Guido Carli)

Wrap up & final discussion

Participation to the panel is free (no fee).