SISP 2021 – Timeline session 6, Participation and Social Movements

Next SISP conference is approaching!
Here you can find the entire programme. To follow we report the timetable events of session 6, the one proposed and organized by the Standing Group on Social Movements and Political Participation.



Thursday, 9th September
9.00 am – 10.45 am (CEST)

6.1 – Populism (anti-populism) and collective identities (session 1)
CHAIRS Manuela Caiani, Gaetano Inglese
DISCUSSANT Manuela Caiani
    • “Sonrían al 15M, sonrían a las plazas*”: Podemos’ politics of identification and the emotional legacy of the Indignados.
      Presenter: Vincent Dain
      Authors: Vincent Dain
    • The rise of counter-populist social movements? The Indivisible Movement and the Sardine Movement in comparison
      Presenter: Nicolò Pennucci
      Authors: Nicolò Pennucci
    • From the Streets to the Voting Booth: the Electoral Effect of Grassroots Mobilization Against the Far-Right
      Presenter: Francesco Colombo
      Authors: Francesco Colombo, Fabrizio Bernardi, Elias Dinas, Alessandro Ferrara, Foteini-Maria Vassou
    • Neglected times: Laclau, affect, and temporality
      Presenter: Mirko Palestrino
      Authors: Mirko Palestrino
6.3 – System change, not climate change! Investigating new ecologist movements (session 2)
CHAIRS Massimiliano Andretta, Paola Imperatore
DISCUSSANT Paola Imperatore
    • The participation of indigenous peoples and local communities in the Convention on Biological Diversity
      Presenter: Louisa Parks
      Authors: Louisa Parks, Elsa Tsioumani
    • From social to environmental justice : the politics of anti-mining movements in Peru (1992-2020)
      Presenter: Kyra Grieco
      Authors: Kyra Grieco
    • Antimilitarism and environmentalism: a comparative analysis of two Sicilian protest campaigns.
      Presenter: Giuliana Sorci
      Authors: Giuliana Sorci, Federica Frazzetta
    • “The Guardians of the Rivers”: reframing identity in ethnically divided Bosnia and Herzegovina
      Presenter: Aida Kapetanovic
      Authors: Aida Kapetanovic

10.15 am – 12.30 pm (CEST)

6.1 – Populism (anti-populism) and collective identities (session 2)
CHAIRS Manuela Caiani, Gaetano Inglese

    • “Angry White Woman”: The Rise of Female Populist Radical Right Leaders
      Presenter: Federico Stefanutto Rosa
      Authors: Federico Stefanutto Rosa
    • Same same but different? Comparing gender politics and (trans-) national value contestation in Europe on Twitter
      Presenter: Giuliana Sorci
      Authors: Giuliana Sorci, Hans-Jörg Trenz, Monika Eigmueller, Aleksandra Anna Sojka, Kavyanjali Kaushik, Monika Verbalyte
    • The ecumenism of hate: Christianity and identity in the Italian Radical Right
      Presenter: Goffredo Adinolfi
      Authors: Goffredo Adinolfi, Andrea Molle
    • The Construction of Collective Identity in Romania: analyzing the AUR speech at the legislative elections of December 2020
      Presenter: Andrei Gheorghe
      Authors: Andrei Gheorghe
6.3 – System change, not climate change! Investigating new ecologist movements (session 1)
CHAIRS Massimiliano Andretta, Paola Imperatore
DISCUSSANT Massimiliano Andretta
    • Between materialist and post-materialist approach: investigating the ecologist archipelago 30 years later
      Presenter: Paola Imperatore
      Authors: Paola Imperatore, Massimiliano Andretta
    • (Water) Bottles and (Street) Barricades: the Politicization of Lifestyle-Centred Action in Youth Climate Strike Participation
      Presenter: Niccolò Bertuzzi
      Authors: Niccolò Bertuzzi, Lorenzo Zamponi, Anja Corinne Baukloh, Daniela Chironi, Donatella Della Porta, Martin Portos
    • Against Climate Consensus. Thinking through the Politics and Strategies of Grassroots Climate Action with Social Movements in Malmö and Sweden
      Presenter: Salvatore Paolo De Rosa
      Authors: Salvatore Paolo De Rosa

12.30 pm – 13.30 pm (CEST)

Riunione Standing Group Movimenti Sociali e Partecipazione Politica

13.30 pm – 15.15 pm (CEST)

6.6 – Left populism in the 21st century: New assessments and future prospects (session 1)
CHAIRS Beatrice Carella, Walter Haeusl
DISCUSSANT Paolo Gerbaudo
    • Populist or popular? Analyzing the political discourse of the Equality Party and its relationship with the Chilean pobladores (urban poor’s) movement (2009-2019)
      Presenter: Cristóbal Sandoval Nicolás Angelcos
      Authors: Cristóbal Sandoval, Nicolas Angelcos
    • SYRIZA back in opposition (2019-2021): Towards a new political direction?
      Presenter: Grigoris Markou
      Authors: Grigoris Markou
    • Left-populism in power. Luci e ombre della sfida governativa di Podemos.
      Presenter: Matteo Giardiello
      Authors: Matteo Giardiello
6.2 – Digital spaces, political participation and religion
CHAIRS Alberta Giorgi, Rita Marchetti
DISCUSSANT Rita Marchetti
    • Dalla “strega rossa” a “lady Jihad”. Le donne terroriste nella stampa italiana
      Presenter: Giuseppina Bonerba
      Authors: Giuseppina Bonerba, Sofia Verza
    • Religious masculinities: performing in/visibility on Instagram
      Presenter: Alberta Giorgi
      Authors: Alberta Giorgi
    • Spazi digitali culture politiche e comunità religiose
      Presenter: Roberto Marchisio
      Authors: Roberto Marchisio
    • The Anti-Gender Debate on Social Media. A Computational Communication Science Analysis of Networks, Activism, and Misinformation
      Presenter: Nicola Righetti
      Authors: Nicola Righetti

15.15 pm – 17.00 pm (CEST)

6.7 – TAVOLA ROTNDA CONGIUNTA: Perché parlare ancora di populismo, genere e religione? Sguardi e prospettive
Organizzata  dagli standing groups Genere e Politica, Movimenti Sociali e Partecipazione Politica e Politica e Religione

Luca Ozzano, Università di Torino (SG Politica e Religione)
Populismi e religione attraverso il Mediterraneo. Il contributo presenta i risultati di una ricerca comparativa intorno a populismi e politiche di genere in Italia, Israele e Turchia.
Massimo Prearo, Università di Verona (SG Genere e Politica)
Il momento populista? Limiti euristici di una categoria interpretativa. Il contributo presenta una lettura del “momento populista” a partire dai movimenti (inclusi i movimenti anti-gender, pro-life e pro-family) che sono “naturalmente” collocati in quell’area, per cogliere limiti e potenzialità di tale lettura nel quadro dell’analisi dei rapporti tra populismo e movimenti sociali.
Chiara Maritato, Università di Torino (SG Politica e Religione)
Politica, genere e religione in Turchia: complicare il quadro. Il contributo si propone di problematizzare la dicotomia populismo conservatore religioso dell’AKP versus élites laiche a partire da una ricerca sul rapporto tra genere, stato e religione in Turchia.
Flaminia Saccà, Università della Tuscia
Populismo, Genere, Violenza. Il contributo si sviluppa a partire dalle recenti ricerche intorno al ruolo delle donne come leader di partiti e movimenti populisti, del discorso populista intorno al genere, e al discorso pubblico intorno alla violenza di genere.
CHAIR Alberta Giorgi

6.8 – The Making and Unmaking of Precarity. Transformations of Political Struggles in the Neoliberal Age
CHAIRS Nicola Di Mauro, Emiliano Esposito, Laura Giovinazzi
DISCUSSANT Stefano Portelli
    • The New Wave Of Populist Politics In Turkey And Its Effects On The Labour Issue
      Presenter: Özlem Bülbül
      Authors: Özlem Bülbül
    • Fare e disfare la precarietà. Una prospettiva storica dall’America latina.
      Presenter: Laura Abbruzzese
      Authors: Laura Abbruzzese
    • Bacurau: Chronotopes of Revolutionary Events/Becoming Class of the Precarious Multitude
      Presenter: Francesco Sticchi
      Authors: Francesco Sticchi
    • Multidimensionalità ri/produttiva della precarietà e azioni collettive dei lavoratori precari: un’analisi comparata del movimento dei lavoratori della logistica e dei braccianti nel contesto pandemico
      Presenter: Federica Guardigli
      Authors: Federica Guardigli, Irina Aguiari
6.6 – Left populism in the 21st century: New assessments and future prospects (session 2)
CHAIRS Beatrice Carella, Walter Haeusl
DISCUSSANT Paolo Gerbaudo
    • Left populism…or post-populism? About the new manifestation of the “populist reason” in Latin America.
      Presenter: Marcelo Nazareno
      Authors: Marcelo Nazareno
    • Locating the Laclausian Left — Progressive Strategy and the Politics of Anxiety
      Presenter: Maximilian Wolf
      Authors: Maximilian Wolf
    • Between Revolution and Reification: The Discourse of Tyrannicide in Mélenchon’s 6th Republic and the Limits of Left-Populism
      Presenter: Reid Kleinberg
      Authors: Reid Kleinberg
    • The Nation of the People: An analysis of Podemos and Five Star Movement’s Discourse on the Nation
      Presenter: Jacopo Custodi
      Authors: Jacopo Custodi

Saturday, 10th September 2021
13.30 pm – 15.15 pm (CEST)

6.5 – Political participation, epistemic authorities and new social images of political power
CHAIRS Manuel Anselmi, Alberta Giorgi
DISCUSSANT Alberta Giorgi
    • Discouraging Political Participation, Encouraging Subservience: Towards Anti-democratic Image of Political Power in Covid-driven Poland
      Presenter: Joanna Rak
      Authors: Joanna Rak
    • Science, politics and everyday life. Between populism and subpoliticization
      Presenter: Luca Raffini
      Authors: Luca Raffini, Elisa Lello, Clemente Penalva
    • The Italian vaccine skepticism movement in times of pandemic: Organizational structures and meaning-making practices
      Presenter: Niccolò Bertuzzi
      Authors: Niccolò Bertuzzi, Marco Pedroni, Davide Beraldo

Saturday, 11st September 2021
9.00 am – 10.45 am (CEST)

6.4 – Political participation, discourses and identities (session 1)
CHAIRS Federica Frazzetta, Gianni Piazza, Giuliana Sorci
DISCUSSANT Federica Frazzetta
    • Protests in Malta in the Covid Era
      Presenter: Michael Briguglio
      Authors: Michael Briguglio
    • So close yet so far: frames and mobilisation strategies of the Italian far-right
      Presenter: Micaela Musacchio Strigone
      Authors: Micaela Musacchio Strigone
    • Social protest, Parties and the changing Manifestations of Populism
      Presenter: Juan Roch Gonzalez
      Authors: Juan Roch Gonzalez
    • Coordinated populism: a reconstruction of M5S Directorate’s communication from 2013 to 2019
      Presenter: Flavio Piccoli
      Authors: Federico Pilati, Flavio Piccoli

10.45 am – 12.30 pm (CEST)

6.4 – Political participation, discourses and identities (session 2)
CHAIRS Federica Frazzetta, Gianni Piazza, Giuliana Sorci
DISCUSSANT Giuliana Sorci
    • The convergence of Northwestern and Southern Europe towards radical-right populism during the “long crisis-decade” (2008-2019)
      Presenter: Mirko Crulli Lorenzo Viviani
      Authors: Mirko Crulli, Lorenzo Viviani
    • “The Oktoberfest is populist”: The rhetorical contestation and weaponization of populism in four European parliaments (2010-2020)
      Presenter: Margherita Bordignon
      Authors: Matteo Cesare Mario Casiraghi, Margherita Bordignon
    • Myths and emotion in populist narrative
      Presenter: Cristiano Gianolla
      Authors: Cristiano Gianolla