“Exile, Precariousness, and Subjectivity in Academia. Interview with Aslı Vatansever”

In this podcast, we talk to Aslı Vatansever, author of the book At the Margins of Academia. Exile, Precariousness, and Subjectivity (Brill, 2020) about academic precarity, political repression, and the possibility for resistance.
Aslı Vatansever (PhD, University of Hamburg, 2010) is a sociologist of work and social stratification with a focus on precarious academic labour. After she got dismissed from her position as associate professor and banned from public service in Turkey due to her participation in the Academics for Peace campaign in 2016, she has been hosted as guest researcher at various institutions in Germany and Italy.
Her ongoing research project at Bard College Berlin investigates forms of academic labour activism in Europe. Her books include Sources of Islamism in the Ottoman Empire (2010), Ready to Teach Anything. The Transformation of the Academic into Unskilled Worker (2015, co-authored with Meral Gezici-Yalçın), and At the Margins of Academia. Exile, Precariousness, and Subjectivity (2020).
Watch the video here