Study days 2024 – program

Study Days 2024 – Florence May, 16-17

Scuola Normale Superiore – Faculty of Political and Social Sciences

Altana Room – 5th floor Palazzo Strozzi, Piazza degli Strozzi Firenze

May 16, Thursday 

9.00-9.15 greetings from Massimiliano Andreatta and Giuliana Sorci (SG coordinators)

9.15-11.00 SESSION 1
Chair: Federica Frazzetta (SNS) Discussant: Daniela Chironi (SNS); Anna Lavizzari (UCM)

Olivia Burchietti (University of Trento) “Reclaiming public space in Southern Europe: A comparison between Spanish and Italian queer and feminist groups”

Luna Rovolon (University of Macerata) “A new neoliberal hegemony: patterns of Hegemonic Masculinity in Neo-Fascist Organizations.”

Giada Bonu Rosenkranz and Anastasia Barone (Scuola Normale Superiore) “From gender based violence as an emergency to patriarchy as a structure. Exploring feminist movements’ contentious framing process in Italy”

11.00-11.30 break

11.30-13-30 Session 2
Chair: Federico Alagna (SNS) Discussant: Massimiliano Andretta (UniPI); Gianni Piazza (UniCT); Guendalina Simoncini (SNS); Cesar Guzman Concha (SNS)

Daniel Platek (Polish Academy of Sciences) “Protesting Parties in Poland, 2020”

Pàl Susànsky (University of Bremen) “The agenda-setting role of protests in non-democratic regimes: a case study from Hungary”

Flavia Fusco (University of Gothenburg) “Decentralisation in oppositional work: strategies, prefiguration and institutionalisation in Lebanon’s anti-sectarian movement”

Diego Sazo (London School of Economics “The Violent Disconnection: Broken Societies and the Logic of Protest Violence in Latin America”

h 13.30-14.30 lunch break

h 14.30-15.30 Keynote lecture
Chair: Massimiliano Andreatta (UniPi) and Giuliana Sorci (SNS)
Donatella della Porta (Scuola Normale Superiore) “Time in movements. Moral panics, eventful protests and the spreading of protests in solidarity with Palestine”

h 15.30-16.00 break

h 16.00-17.00 Session 3
Chair: Federica Guardigli (SNS) Discussant: Massimiliano Andretta (UniPI)

Tommaso Pio Danese (University of Trento) “Logistic workers between community organizing and unionism: rights to work and rights to be”

Giuseppe Lipari (Scuola Normale Superiore) “Organisation and movement in secondary education: school student unions in Europe”

h 17.00-17-15 break

h17.15-18.30 Session 4
Chair: Marco Antonelli (SNS) Discussant: Irina Aguiari (SNS); Gianni Piazza (UniCT)

Mallory Cerkleski (Scuola Normale Superiore) “Exploring Alternative Forms of Political Participation: Decentralized Food Distribution Systems in Kerala and Cuba”

Evelyn Leveghi (University of Gastronomic Sciences, Pollenzo) “Demopoiesis: the transformative and counter-hegemonic potential of rural social movements’ agentivity for the democratization of agri-food systems””

Gilda Hoxha (Mediterranean University of Albania) “Place-making and Place-taking: Memories from Tirana”

May 17, Friday

h10.00-12.00 Session 5
Chair: Lorenzo Zamponi (SNS) Discussant: Vito Giannini (UniBG); Giuliana Sorci (SNS); Lorenzo Zamponi (SNS)

Gabriele D’adda (Politecnico di Torino) “HOME – HOusing precarity and health, Mobilizations and policies, Emotions and empowerment”

Martha Ogochukwu Dennis (Autonomous University of Barcelona) “Voices of Conscience: Exploring Moral Duty in Mass Mobilisations”

Luigia Tricase (University od Bologna) “Online Systems of Contentious: Communication: Analysis of Activist Discourses and Practices on Technology Mixes”

Marco Pernarella (University of Trento) “Environmental Justice Movements and Knowledge Dissemination, an Epistemic Justice Approach”

h 12.00-14.00 lunch break

h 14.00 15.30 Roundtable “Decolonize Research”
Chair: Niccolò Bertuzzi (UniPR)

Jacopo Bindi (University of Turin) “The paradigm of Democratic Modernity as a theoretical framework for research on social”

Laura Pipolo (independent researcher) and Chiara Razzano (University of Milano-Bicocca) “A decolonial paradigm shift to centre transformative. Indigenous and social movements in research and activism.”

Davide Curcuruto (independent researcher) “Il rovescio del workfare: trame di una governamentalità antimeridionalista”

h 15.30 – 16.00 break

h 16.00-18.30 Tavola rotonda con GKN
Chair: Paola Imperatore (UniPI)

Francesca Di Marco, solidale GKN
Dario Salvetti, operaio e RSU GKN
Tiziana DeBiaso, operaia GKN
Francesca Gabriellini, accademica solidale GKN