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The Standing Group “Politics and Religion” gathers scholars interested in analysing the influence of the religious factor on the public debate, on political systems and international relations in the contemporary world. Research activities adopt an interdisciplinary approach and the SG welcome scholars who deal with religion and politics from different perspectives. The SG aims to improve the circulation of scholars working on similar topics and to enhance interdisciplinarity on theoretical and methodological approaches.
Established in 2009, the main objective of the SG is to organise seminars, workshops and conferences to strengthen the network of scholars working on the subject. It also promotes the inclusion of these topics in the Italian Political Science Society via the creation of working groups, the elaboration of research projects, the collaboration with academic journals, and the strengthening of the international cooperation with similar organizations within the IPSA and the ECPR.

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Call for papers 2023 SISP Conference

É ufficialmente aperta la CALL FOR PAPERS per il CONVEGNO SISP 2023. Di seguito il panel organizzato dallo Standing Group Politica e Religione e co-sponsorizzato dallo Standing Group Comunicazione Politica…