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The Standing Group (SG) on Regional Studies and Local Policies fosters the interdisciplinary dialogue among scholars at the Italian and the International level on center-periphery relations, decentralization and territorial rescaling, sub-national politics (political elites, elections, and parties), multilevel governance, sub-national public administration and public policies, reorganization of local services,
administrative and democratic reforms, and participatory processes.
The SG SRPL promotes the creation of a community of scholars aimed at exchanging research findings, at discussing theoretical and methodological issues related to regional and local politics and policies, and at developing joint research projects and events.

Seminari Osservatorio URBES

Prende avvio il 28 ottobre 2022 il primo ciclo di seminari dell’Osservatorio URBES presso l’Università di Padova ‘e sfide per la governance locale nel post-Covid 19’. Maggiori informazioni al link: