Transport and other information

The University for Foreigners of Perugia is located in the city center (Piazza Fortebraccio, 4) therefore our working place can be reached by walking from the hotels and restaurants.

In any case, personal mobility in Perugia can be provided:

  • by bus:
  • by minimetrò:
  • by escalators and elevators:
  • by car: – page ZTL
  • by taxi:

Note: parking fees:

How to Get to Perugia from Rome

  • BY TRAIN: From the south, the main line between Rome and Ancona has a station in Foligno (on the branch line to Spello, Assisi, Perugia and Lake Trasimeno), so coming from Rome, take one of the nine daily trains on the Ancona line, stop in Foligno, where you can take the train to Perugia (30 – 35 min.). Perugia’s main station is below the town in the valley. Be sure to get off at “Perugia” and not the smaller suburban station “Perugia Ponte San Giovanni,” which will be the first one you encounter when coming from the south (from Foligno or Rome) or “Perugia Università” (from the North). The main station is also called “Perugia Centrale” or “Perugia Fontivegge.” You can leave the station walking around to the left – look for the red tracks and the silver station of the MiniMetrò, Perugia’s light rail. After having bought the ticket at the automatic cash machine in the Fontivegge station of the MiniMetrò, get off at the terminus called “Pincetto”, then follow the other people out into Via Oberdan and then Piazza Matteotti, a piazza parallel to the main street, Corso Vannucci.
  • BY BUS : If you take the Sulga bus from Rome airport (Fiumicino), or any other bus, you’ll arrive in Perugia at Piazza Partigiani, the bus station.You might as well avail yourself of the timetable before you arrive (download it here: To find the Sulga bus to Perugia at the Fiumicino airport, go outside the arrivals terminal and walk to your right until the end of the terminal 3. The Sulga bus for Perugia waits around here (it says SULGA on the side) and tickets can be bought on board. Once you arrive at the airport bus station, on the electronic timetables you might not see the name Perugia, but don’t worry, it’s there. The oneway bus fare Rome Airport-Perugia or vice versa is around €22. Once you arrive in Perugia you will be in Piazza Partigiani. Cross the street, go a little to your left, and follow everyone else up the scale mobili (escalators) and stairways through the bowels of the former Papal fortress, the Rocca Paolina. You’ll end up at Piazza Italia.

How to Get to Perugia from Umbria International Airport – San Francesco d’Assisi

  • BY BUS: The bus stop is located in front of the main entrance of the Terminal. Bus Italia company offers a bus which connects the airport with the towns of Perugia. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE TIMETABLE IN PDF FORMAT FROM HERE:
    TICKET COSTS FOR PERUGIA: 2,50 euro. You can buy a ticket on the bus for 3,50 euro (you must have exact change).
  • BY TAXI: RADIOTAXI Perugia: +39 075 500 48 88 RATES: From Airport to Perugia city and vice versa euro 30* up to 4 people (luggage included) *4 people = euro 7,50 per person.

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