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Major updates from SISP’s “Political Regimes” Standing Group

The Political Regimes Standing Group has gone through a major process of renovation over the past few weeks which has brought some changes, including two new coordinators and a new website.

New coordinators

The 36th SISP Annual Conference held in Genoa on September 14-16 marked the end of the double mandate of the SG’s first coordinators, Andrea Cassani (University of Milan) and Luca Tomini (Université Libre de Bruxelles). The new elected coordinators for 2023-2025 are Tiziana Corda (University of Milan) and Gianni Del Panta (University of Pavia).

New website, logo, and social media profile

Since this October, the SG has a new website, entirely in English, and a new logo which will help identify the SG in national and international events. The website will be a lively platform through which the SG can share information about its members, their activities and publications, but also about resources and opportunities for research. All the relevant SG updates will be circulated also via email and via social media, with the new  profile @SGPolReg on X (former Twitter).

New Members

The SG takes this chance of renovation to invite new scholars (both SISP and non-SISP members, Italian and foreigners) to join the group. In order to do so, it is enough to contact the coordinators and access the MySISP portal, click on “Richiesta di adesione Standing Groups”, and tick the “Regimi politici/Political regimes” box. All SG members registered through the MySISP portal will be displayed on the website under the “Members” section and will be included in the mailing list the SG uses to share news and information about events, courses, and vacancies relevant to our topics of research.